OLDe CROW Cabinets poster Design

Recent poster commission for Olde Crow Cabinets. I will be hand screening this design for a limited edition run of prints for them.
This was a great project,very fun to do. It was an open commission in which I had free reign to have complete creative control which is amazing!
Thanks Olde Crow!

work in progress above....

concept sketching

WEIRDING t-shirt design

T-shirt design for WEIRDING

                      Weirding t-shirts being printed!

THRONES show poster design

Limited edition poster for Thrones and Helms Alee show in Vancouver B.C.

digital poster design below...

original drawing/design in progress below...

CATHAR t-shirt design

Recent t-shirt design for CATHAR

Cathar t-shirt design drawing in progress

S Poster: A-Z Alphabet Poster show

Poster Design for a recent A-Z Alphabet Screen print poster show in Vancouver B.C.

Ink on duralar
Alison Lilly 2012

MULLETCORPSE Disinfect Album Artwork

Cover artwork for the recent MULLETCORPSE full length album, Disinfect.

Mulletcorpse drawings...in progress

Cooked and Eaten 7" artwork

Artwork for the new COOKED AND EATEN release
mixed media digital
Alison Lilly 2011

Rotting Hills logo

New logo for Rotting Hills. Crushing five drummer sludge,check them out!
mixed media/digital
Alison Lilly 2011


The 3rd annual DIECEMBERFEST t-shirt and poster print designs:

 edition of 15 screen printed DIECEMBERFEST posters
$15 CAD plus shipping
email if interested: alison_graveflower@yahoo.ca

original drawing for DIECEMBERFEST design
pencil on duralar
Alison Lilly 2011

Memorial t-shirt design

 Memorial 'Cadaver Canoe' illustration
Alison Lilly 2011

 Memorial 'Cadaver Canoe' t-shirt design
Alison Lilly 2011

GALGAMEX t-shirt design

New t-shirt design I just completed for Vancouver Death Metal band GALGAMEX

Concept drawing for GALGAMEX t-shirt design
pencil and ink on duralar
Alison Lilly 2011


"Kali" 13X19" poster print
Alison Lilly 2011
contact: alison_graveflower@yahoo.ca
for purchase inquiry

"Harvest" 13X19" poster print
Alison Lilly 2011
contact: alison_graveflower@yahoo.ca
for purchase inquiry

TANGLED WIRES: Collaborative wall installation: Alison Lilly and Ensoe

Below are some pics of my collaborative install I did recently with  ENSOE at Ayden Gallery

above 3 photos courtesy of Julia Koslov

to view more pics of work in progress for Tangled Wires please visit http://custom.juliakozlov.com/events/tangled-wires-making/

Contact info: