WEIRDING t-shirt design

T-shirt design for WEIRDING

                      Weirding t-shirts being printed!

THRONES show poster design

Limited edition poster for Thrones and Helms Alee show in Vancouver B.C.

digital poster design below...

original drawing/design in progress below...

CATHAR t-shirt design

Recent t-shirt design for CATHAR

Cathar t-shirt design drawing in progress

S Poster: A-Z Alphabet Poster show

Poster Design for a recent A-Z Alphabet Screen print poster show in Vancouver B.C.

Ink on duralar
Alison Lilly 2012

MULLETCORPSE Disinfect Album Artwork

Cover artwork for the recent MULLETCORPSE full length album, Disinfect.

Mulletcorpse progress

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