The first Art show of THE GOODS: An Art show full of Doers

I have some new work up at The Goods Screening and Apparel in Vancouver B.C. This is their first group art show.
The show is up from December 10th 2010-January 15th 2011 and features a diverse collection of  artwork from local Tattoo, Street and Fine Artists. Highlights include limited edition prints,t-shirts,and skate decks along with some fabulous original artwork for sale too. Big upps to Jeremy at Tattoo Union  in Vancouver for making it happen and everyone who contributed to and supported this show. I have photographed the exhibit and posted some of my favorites below for your viewing enjoyment.

The Goods: 335 East Broadway,Vancouver B.C.

     photo: Alison Lilly 2010

                       photo:Alison Lilly 2010

'It is later than you think' and 'Moll"
Mixed media on paper
by Alison Lilly 2010

'It is later than you think'
Mixed media on paper
by Alison Lilly 2010

 Wall of prints...

 'Eagle vs Snake study 3'
  by Jeremy Riley

' Dragon'
  by Cohen Floch

  'Wheat 300'
 by Logan Morrison

'Raccoon Skull'
by Mark Lankin

Artwork by Ronan Boyle

Prints by Eben Bender

' Gang Girl'
  by The Dark"

 Skate Deck and Print by Kaput

'Apocalypse Sunrise'
cyclops house and stay wolf shirts below
  by Alison Lilly

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